NO. Title Presenter Proceedings
P01 Gamma measurements in LHCb Jacopo Nardulli 0807.1670
P02 Okubo-Zweig-Iizuka-rule violation and B→ηK branching ratios Jen-Feng Hsu
P03 U-spin Implications for Bs Physics and New Physics Makiko Nagashima
P04 Polarization Studies: testing explanations of the B→πK* puzzle and BVT decays Alejandro Szynkman 0806.4969
P05 CP violation in hadronic tau decays Ken Kiers 0806.4585
P06 Spontaneous CP Violating Phase as the CKM Matrix Phase Lu-Hsing Tsai
P07 SUSY R-parity Violating and Unparticle Effects on Meson Mixings Ho-Chin Tsai
P08 Search for Bπl+l- Decays at Belle Jui-Te Wei
P09 Two coexisting dark matter candidates in an extended seesaw model H.Sung Cheon
P10 mu-tau Reflection Symmetry in Lepton Mixing and Radiatively Gererated Leptogenesis T. Phong Nguyen 0806.4414
P11 Unparticle Physics in Bd,s-Bd,sbar mixing and Bu,d (π, K) π decays Freddy Simanjuntak, Y.W.Yoon
P12 (Pseudo)Scalar Operators of Higgs-Penguin Diagrams in the MSSM and B to φK*, Kη(') Decays Hisaki Hatanaka 0807.0172
P13 Search for B0ρ0ρ0 Decay at BELLE C.C.Chiang
P14 Test of the Littlest Higgs model through the W boson mass Jubin Park
P15 Approximately μ-τ Symmetric Minimal Seesaw Mechanism and Leptonic CP Violation  Teppei Baba
P16 Model-independent Delta S Probe of New Physics for Super B Rahul Sinha
P17 An Improved Neutron Electric Dipolem Mmoment Experiment Marcin Kuzniak 0806.4837