Taipei County YingKo Ceramics Museum & YingKo Old Town

Address: No. 200, Wenhua Road, YingKo Township, Taipei (239)
Tel: +886-2-86772727

Ceramic is closely related with human life and culture. Different ceramic culture features developed from different families, different people. The uncover of Taiwan pre-history ceramic and the ceramic figurines and ceramic pots of the aboriginal, confirm the independence of Taiwan Culture. The immigrants from Mainland China in the Past 400 years followed the ceramic skills of China, the Japanese ceramic techniques brought in during the Japanese Occupation Period, the western industrial techniques and the development and renovation of modern fuels after the restoration of Taiwan, plus the imported raw materials characterized the development of Taiwan ceramic. And, the Ceramic Museum was born. Located in the center of ceramic industry, Yingge Town, the YingKo Ceramics Museum is the first ceramic theme museum established by county government. It unveils a historical page of Taiwan Ceramic Development.