Welcome to NTUHEP homepage!

The NTUHEP group began in 1994 with the EFC project, a small angle rad. hard BGO calorimeter susbsystem for Belle. It was successfully installed in 1999 and observed the first Bhabha scattering events in 3/1999.

We are undergoing a new phase of expansion. We have just received a prestigious 4 year grant (CosPA-2) from the Ministry of Education to work on Belle SVD2 electronics and R&D for Linear Collider. It comes with 4 Ph.D. level research positions. Under a new initiative by the National Science Council (our regular funding agency), we join forces with the NCUHEP group (National Central University) to work on the Preshower subsystem of CMS.

The group currently has 6 faculty, with 4 other faculty at affiliated institutions. We are responsible for running of EFC and related two-photon physics, but our main analysis goal is on rare B decays and CP violation at Belle. With above grants, we shall expand our hardware team to work on Belle SVD2 electronics, CMS Preshower electronics, and ILC detector R&D.