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High Energy Physics

News and Introduction about our lab.
Studying properties and behaviors of elementary particles
How to Reach KEK

Direct CP Violation

The puzzles of the missing anti-particles
Selective publications of DCPV in B physics

Extreme Forward Calorimeter

Sub-detector of KEK B-Factory.
Designed and manufactored by Taiwan BELLE Group.

Software Programing

Something about JAVA and C++.
Particle simulation results.

Linux RedHat distribution

Powerful Operation System just for FREE!
Useful resources.

IBM Operation System/2

OS/2 alives!
Some resources about OS/2.

Sharp Zaurus

Linux inside Personal Digital Assistant by Sharp
Powered by Qt/Embeded and Java.

Global View GP1288

Linux inside Personal Digital Assistant by Global View
First Chinese PDA using Linux.

OLPC in Chinese

One Lapton Per Child
Specially designed $100 dollar notebook PC for children running Linux.



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