A number of projects are currently running or scheduled to take place in our Facility.


Produce 5000 sensor-PCB-Passive layer modules for the CMS HGCAL phase-2 detector at CERN

RIKEN-BNL-MIT led Si-module R&D

Develop silicon sensor modules for sPHENIX at BNL (RIKEN-BNL-MIT groups involved)

CEPC Lumi Monitor and ECAL

Perform R&D and build prototypes for the Circular ep Collider, in collaboration with IHEP Beijing

Local Members

A consortium of Taiwanese groups (TSiDF) led by a Head PI and funded by MOST has been established with main goal to perform R&D and build devices for High Energy Physics and Industrial Applications.

   National Taiwan University:

  • Stathes Paganis (Head PI)
  • Rong-Shyang Lu (PI)
  • Jenny Huang (Laboratory Head Eng.)
  • Hsin-Yeh Wu (MSc)
  • Jia-Hao Li (MSc)
  • Liu Chien-Hung (Computing)
  • Chou CH (Technical Support)

National Central University:

  • Chia-Ming Kuo (PI)
  • Cheng-Wei Shih (UG)
  • Cheng-Yen Wu (MSc)
  • Kai-Yu Cheng (PhD)

Academia Sinica, Nankang, Taipei:

  • Suen Hou (PI)
  • Chih-Hsun Lin (Senior Eng.)


  • Yi Yang (PI)