The external CMS Week 2013 will be hosted at the main campus of National Taiwan University (NTU) . NTU is a national co-educational research university located in Taipei. The main campus is in Taipeis Da’an district near Gongguan, where most college department buildings and all the administrative buildings are. This event will take place at the gisNTU Convention Center , which is very close to the main gate of NTU campus and the metro Gongguan station. It is extremely easy to reach from any place within the Taipei city.

Previous external CMS week in 2012 was held in Lisbon, Portugal

The Event

  • DATE: 9 (Mon) to 13 (Fri) September 2013
  • LOCATION: gisNTU Convention Center, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

  • Scientific Advisory Committee

    Tiziano Camporesi, CERN
    Kai-Feng Chen, NTU
    Didier Contardo, Univ. Claude Bernard-Lyon I
    Chris Hill, Ohio State Univ.
    George Hou, NTU
    Joe Incandela, CERN/UCSB (chair)
    Greg Landsberg, Brown Univ.
    Luca Malgeri, CERN
    Jeffrey Spalding, Fermilab
    Joao Varela, LIP

    Local Organization Committee

    Paoti Chang, NTU
    Kai-Feng Chen, NTU
    George Hou, NTU (chair)
    Bob Hsiung, NTU
    Chia Ming Kuo, NCU
    Rong-Shyang Lu, NTU
    Minzu Wang, NTU
    Shin-Shan Eiko Yu, NCU
    2024-06-16 07:27:48 CST

    CMS Week 2013 @ Taipei