The Night of Circo – when Classical, Tango and Taiwanese music collide

An early evening musical event will be held on Wednesday September 10, at the NTU theater, which is roughtly 10-15 mins walk from the gisNTU convention center. Please come and enjoy a relaxing hour before your dinner!

The professional musicans are from Circo Quintet. Bandoneon: Lee, Chen-Chung Double Bass: Tsai, Hsin-Chieh Guitar: Su, Meng-Feng Piano: Chen, Yung-Jen Violin: Wang, Chih-Hsiang

Circo was formed by a group of young and talented musicians in Taiwan. They are one of few musical ensembles dedicated to Tango and Piazzolla music. Besides, the music from Circo repertoire includes, but not limited to Classical, Jazz, Contemporary music, theatre and film music.

Circo is also one of a few ensembles signatured by the sound of Bandoneon. The current Circo includes Bandoneon, Double Bass, Guitar, Piano & VIolin. This unique combination of instruments enables the musicians to march across the borders of musical genres and styles; also provides them great opportunities to perform musical experiments and explore new compositions with no limitations. The interactions among these instruments not only create a large dynamic of musical imagery, from lyrical melody to wall of acoustics, but also create a wide range of musical expressions, from melancholic lament to ecstasy.

Circo musicians are bold and inquisitive venturers who are eager to explore new musical possibilities. With their strong conservatory training and wild imaginations, they hope to conquer new territories in music while continuing to cultivate old ones. They hope to bring more inspiring music to the audience and hope their passion and love for music will color the notes to be heard.

Influences: Astor Piazzolla, Gidon Kremer, Dino Saluzzi, Kronos Quartet, Ruben Juarez, Yo-Yo Ma, Gustavo Santaolalla

  • Date: 11 September (Wed), 6:15-7:15 pm.
  • Location: NTU Theater, Foreign Language Teaching & Resource Center, National Taiwan University.
  • Program: Piazzolla: Muerte del Angel, Verano Porteno, Oblivion. C. Gardel: Por Una Cabeza, Falloni: Felix Tango, Tyzen Hsiao Compositions, Taiwanese folk songs.

  • Piazzolla: Muerte del Angel, performed by Circo Quintet.

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